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Granadilla (Sweet Passion fruit) - FruittiBox

Granadilla (Sweet Passion fruit)

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One of our favourites here at FruittiBox.

Granadillas are a subtropical fruit that grows on climbing vines reaching over five meters in length. Although they are not as popular as the purple passion fruit traditionally found in supermarkets granadillas are increasing in popularity for their sweet flavour. 

They are most commonly consumed fresh out of hand or are blended into fruit drinks and cocktails.

Aromatic with a slippery, moist, and smooth texture layered over a crunchy centre, with a bright, sweet, and mildly tart, fruity flavour, these are a must try for all FruittiBox customers.

Box will contain approx 18 Granadilla's

Ripening Guide

The fruit will arrive ready to eat.