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Guava (White flesh) - FruittiBox

Guava (White flesh)

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India/ Dominican Republic


Commonly referred to as the apple guava, they are found in various tropical regions around the world, most commonly in India, Indonesia, and South America. Guavas are firm with an aromatic, edible skin that softens as the fruit ripens. The flesh ranges from white, to pale rose or a deep pink or red and has a fleshy central cavity with dozens of small, edible seeds. They have a sweet, tropical flavour with a hint of acid. The taste has been described as a cross between a strawberry & pear.

Ripening Guide

When guavas ripen, they go from dark green to a lighter yellow green colour. A ripe guava will be soft and give under your fingers when squeezed. A slight sweet fragrant aroma will also be noticeable.