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Honey Glow Pineapple - FruittiBox

Honey Glow Pineapple

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Costa Rica


Honeyglow® Pineapple takes its name from being a high shell colour fruit, with honey gold colour outside and inside, thanks to the prolonged maturation on the plant. It is later on carefully selected and handpicked at the Del Monte plantations in Costa Rica. The production of Honeyglow® Pineapples is limited, making this product unique and exclusive.
These pineapples are Sustainably Grown Certified by SCS Global Services.
 Extra Sweet Pineapples are unique, containing more than twice the average amount of Vitamin C, when compared to other varieties of pineapple, are a great source of nutrients, ideal to compliment any healthy balanced diet. 

Ripening Guide

A pleasant pineapple scent will be noticeable and the centre leaf at the top will become loose. A vibrant yellow colour also indicates a ripe pineapple.